Your kingdom come. Your will be done
On EARTH as it is in HEAVEN.
— Jesus (Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 6, verse 10)

WE BELIEVE...the  local church is to represent Heaven to our neighborhood, city, and world in seven ways:

1. Unconditional

In heaven we will be unconditionally loved by God forever, so in church we all should both experience and express God's unconditional love.


2. God's Presence


In heaven we will enjoy the presence of the Lord forever, so in church the services should be filled with God's awesome presence.

3. Healing

 In heaven there will be no sickness, so in church we should receive physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing.

4. Supernatural Gifts

In heaven the supernatural will be commonplace, so church should be filled with all the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit (as well as all the fruit of the Spirit).


5. Acceptance & Appreciation

In heaven everyone will be accepted & appreciated, so in church everyone should also find acceptance & appreciation.

6. Family

In heaven we will be a family of brothers and sisters, a united community, so in church you should find the same.


7. Serving

6. In heaven we will serve the Lord, so in church each person should find ways of serving the Lord and His people.

The top question people ask about church: "What's your dress code?"

  • We do not have a dress code. Whatever you're comfortable with.


Other questions about what to expect:

  1. Where are you located?

    We are at 35-10 Crescent Street, Long Island City, NY 11106. We are near the 36th Avenue N Train. The Q-69 Bus stops nearby and the Q-66 Bus stops around the corner. 

  2. What are your meetings like?

    First of all, you won’t be pointed out or made to feel uncomfortable in any way. The meeting will begin at 11am and go about 90 minutes. The first 25-30 minutes of the service you’ll get to enjoy some worship music led by our Worship Team. We’ll have the words to each song up on the screen, so you can sing as much as you feel comfortable with.

    After a short welcome, there is usually another song as we receive the offering and then the message. Each message/sermon is about 30-40 minutes long and takes eternal Biblical principles and applies them to your life in real and practical ways. We usually end with a final song and a closing prayer. Please feel free to hang around afterwards. Refreshments will be served!

  3. What about my kids?

    Oasis Kidz will be the BEST hour of your kid’s week! All children—from birth to 6th grade—are invited to join us in a fun, safe, clean, interactive environment where our team of trained volunteers creates an environment your child will want to come back to every week!

  4. What do you believe? Click here.

    Any other questions?

    Was there something we forgot? Feel free to email us at if you need any more information. We hope to see you soon!